Leeds, United Kingdom

Introduction to Colour

online course
when 5 July 2021 - 16 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC

Whether it is natural or digital, we are always surrounded by colours. However, have we ever thought about ... What is colour? Do we all see colour in the same way? How to (re)produce colour accurately? Does colour have any effect on our psychological states? Is colour an integrated part of the rules of the universe? Colour is much more complex than its aesthetic side we usually come across. This module introduces core knowledge that are the foundation to fully appreciate colours by understanding its formation, technological applications, and historical and cultural origins. Topics to explore include colour vision and deficiency, colour communication and measurement, colour reproduction and management, colour psychology and meaning, and colour harmony and Wu Xing (the five elements).

Please note, the Leeds International Summer School runs for four weeks (5 - 30 July 2021). You can choose to study with us for two weeks or for the full four-week programme. Each module lasts two weeks so you study one module if you choose to attend for two weeks and two modules if you choose to attend for four weeks.

Course leader

Vien Cheung

Target group

Undergraduate/ Bachelor students

Course aim

The module aims to equip students with the essential understanding of colour. In particular, it will:

- Introduce fundamental concepts of colour;
- Explain how colour is perceived and reproduced;
- Highlight issues in colour relating to historical and cultural origins.

Credits info

5 EC
The module is worth 10 Leeds credits = 5 ECTS. You can transfer the credits earned back to your home degree subject to approval.

Fee info

GBP 0: The fee includes high quality tuition delivered by University of Leeds staff, dedicated time with your tutor each week, all learning materials and software needed for the programme, access to digital University library resources, support to help you get the most out of studying online, academic skills support services, a full social and cultural programme as well as wellbeing and support services.


Scholarships worth £300 for the full four week programme or £150 for a two week block. Scholarships are available for students with good academic standing to help pay your fees. You can apply as part of your application to LISS.