Castelletto Uzzone (CN), Italy

"Raw earth": extension of the ciabot Lumatsin

when 21 July 2021 - 31 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 390

The “Banca del Fare” workshops have until now approached the themes of traditional construction techniques in stone and wood, but this year another traditional classic will be tackled: raw earth. It is the “poor material” which crosses all the peasant traditions of the world, being flexible, available on site and with lots of potential. The object of the workshop will be the design of a small volume in expansion of the Lumatsin ciabot, whose restoration is almost complete, and which will become the first “off-grid” ciabot of the spread hotel of Alta Langa.

Course leader

BC Architects & studies + Studio Ellisse Architetti

Target group

The workshop is aimed at students of the Faculties of Architecture, Design, and Building Engineering, but also to people interested in knowing, understanding, and perhaps replicating this ancient technique.

Course aim

• Design of the extension that will house the hygienic facilities of the ciabot built with local earth;
• Theoretical insights and experimentation of several construction techniques with raw earth;
• Insights into the use of water recycling elements and the use of green energy;
• Creation of mock-ups and prototypes in scale.

The students will learn:
• To deepen your knowledge on a forgotten subject, which is beginning to have a revival due to its great potential.
• To create with your own hands, together with the craftsmen, the unit of measurement of the construction: the compressed earth block, but also rammed earth techniques, adobe and clay plasters.
• To make a prototype in 1:1 scale.

Credits info

3 EC
3 ECTS are recognized to students attending the Faculties of Architecture and Building Engineering of the Politecnico of Turin.

Fee info

EUR 390: For 10 days, all included (accommodation, meals and events)