Helmstorf, Germany

Introduction to Ethics

online course
when 1 February 2022 - 1 March 2022
language English
duration 4 weeks
fee EUR 299

How do we justify our actions? How do we know whether we did the right thing? In this short course on ethics, we will critically examine the three major approaches to ethics that propose competing answers to such fundamental questions: John Stuart Mill’s Utilitarianism, Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics, and Immanuel Kant’s Duty Ethics.

In broad terms, a philosophical study of ethics deals with the nature of right and wrong actions and with the question of what it means for one to live an ethical life. The three classical theories that we will explore in this course offer different perspectives on how one ought to live and what one should seek in life. These approaches will provide us with grounds and criteria with reference to which we can critically assess their inferences and conclusions.

Students will thus evaluate the strengths and drawbacks of different approaches to morality and develop their skills to judge the soundness and limits of philosophical arguments. While dealing with these theories, we will also be reflecting on the relation of ethics to personal opinion, beliefs, customs and culture, laws, and politics.

Course leader

Dr Emre Ebetürk. (Research specialisms: classical German and Modern philosophy, philosophy of biology, philosophy of nature, philosophical psychology, and political philosophy. Has taught courses on philosophy, ethics, logic, and critical thinking).

Target group

Pre-university A-level student, IB Diploma Students and American / Canadian SAT students, but especially: IB Diploma Philosophy/ AS and A-level Philosophy/ International A-level Philosophy/ Cambridge Pre-U Philosophy & Theology/ French bac Philosophy/ Undergraduate University Students.

Course aim

By the end of the course, students will
- improve the ability to read philosophical texts
- become familiar with the major approaches to ethics
- develop critical thinking, text interpretation, argument analysis, and argument formulation skills

Fee info

EUR 299: plus 19% VAT