Pisa, Italy

Discovering Italian Gastronomy: Product Knowledge, Food Preparation and Tasting

when 21 March 2022 - 2 April 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 750

The Winter School “Discovering Italian Gastronomy: product knowledge, food preparation and tasting” starts from the interaction between human beings and their food. There are two main focuses: food & beverages and people. On the product side, attention will be paid to raw materials and finished products, the effects of preparation methods, the Italian combination of food substances and the combination of dishes and beverages. On the human side, participants will understand how Italian people perceive their food and beverages and how to treat the sensory systems involved in the tasting and the appreciation of food and beverages.

In the Winter School students will have the opportunity to look onsite to the flavour of food and beverages from a Mediterranean perspective, more specifically they will explore the Tuscan and Italian cuisine.

The course is focused on 3 different aspects: product knowledge, food preparation, and flavour and tasting. After the two-weeks program the student will be able to:

Product knowledge

1. Identify Italian products that can be used as ingredients to create Tuscan/Italian food
2. Judge the quality of these products
3. Explain the effect of the Italian environment and the production methods on flavour and structure

Food preparation

1. Apply a number of preparation techniques and evaluate the effects on the flavour profile

Flavour and tasting

1. Describe and recognize Italian flavours
2. Describe and recognize taste sensations
3. Describe, recognize and apply successful combinations of ingredients
4. Describe, recognise and evaluate successful combinations of Tuscan/Italian foods and beverages

The program will be based on an interactive program of masterclasses, field visits to local food company/ies and cooperatives and work groups to explore key issues linked to Italian Gastronomy.

Course leader

Prof. Roberta Moruzzo

Target group

EU and Non-EU students (University degree or Bachelor degree, Master degree) as well as PhD students.

Course aim

Gastronomy is the science of flavour and tasting and, with its simplicity, Italian cuisine has the power to perfectly taking us to our destination, the place of origin of the product. Each of the twenty Italian regions has a distinctive set of flavors, products, ingredients and recipes.

Starting from three different aspects - product knowledge, food preparation, and flavour and tasting - the Winter School aims to increase awareness and competencies about food issues, exploring and tasting Italian cuisine.
The Course will provide students engaged with food studies an immersive experience on the Tuscan territory, which will gain participants a knowledge of Italian gastronomic values and cultural aspects.
Students will develop knowledge and insight in the interaction of humans and food and beverages, especially the sensory interaction, and will have the opportunity to learn different food preparation techniques and taste Italian flavors in order to discover what alchemy comes together to create Italian food.

Fee info

EUR 750: tuition fees


Available. Please contact the coordinator for details.

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