Netherlands, Utrecht (Utrecht City Campus)

Neuroscience Methods for the Social Sciences

when 12 August 2013 - 16 August 2013
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 ECTS
fee EUR 700

Innovations and rapid developments in social and biological sciences have resulted in an interdisciplinary approach to unravel the biological underpinning of human behaviour. In order to study these brain-mind relationships social neuroscientists use various neuroscientific methodologies.

This course offers an overview and covers the basic concepts and principles of the methods and techniques used in neuroscientific research, which include electroencephalography, structural and functional neuroimaging, non-invasive brain stimulation, hormone administrations, eye scanning and measurements from the autonomic nervous system. Students will be introduced to these techniques and will get hands on experience. This course will provide a basis for studies in neuropsychology, biological psychology, clinical and health psychology, developmental psychology, psychopathology, and cognitive and affective neuroscience.

Course leader

Dennis J.L.G. Schutter

Target group

Everyone with a strong interest in the way how the biological foundations of human behavior is studied. A background in basic functional neuroanatomy and (biological) psychology is advised.

Course aim

- Knowledge of the basic principles and experimental designs underlying the methods and techniques used in social neuroscientific research
- Hands on experience with measurements and analyzing (neuro)physiological data
- Experience in interpreting and presenting a neuroscientific resarchproposal

Credits info

1.5 ECTS
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 700: Course + course materials + housing


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