Nantes, France

Self Confidence, Self Esteem & Identity

when 20 June 2022 - 24 June 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 100

How to create trust for the new world we are facing? Everything starts inside ourselves.
Trust starts with self confidence. However, it is not a given. Good news is: you can train it.
This training will focus on:
Understanding what can block self confidence and self esteem
Exploring your personal story to discover unifying thread for your identity
Getting a clear view on what are your strengths and talents
Boosting them in order to consolidate self esteem
Taking concrete actions on how to work on them one step further

More information on the course on the following link:

Course leader

Isabelle AUROUX, Consultant and General Manager at DOLIGHTUP

Target group

bachelor-master's degree students
limited spots available, first come first served basis

Course aim

Know yourself better : your talents, points for improvement, what makes you unique
Train your self confidence and self esteem
Create your own « story » that makes you create the life you are after
Overcome your main blocking thoughts and train trust for yourself and your environment

Learning methods: Role plays, subgroups, challenging judgements and bias

what former participants say: " this module was one that more or less changed my outlook entirely. Students and people in general sometimes forget content, but that course changed my perception- which is unforgettable."

Credits info

4 EC
4 ECTS - 2 US credits

Fee info

EUR 100: 100 euros application fees for all students
EUR 500: 500 euros/week for free movers


no scholarships available