Berlin, Germany

Meeting the Trickster Within

when 25 July 2022 - 29 July 2022
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 600

Taking trickster tales and shapeshifter myths from around the world as a point of departure, the workshop explores the archetype of the boundary-crosser, the rule breaker, the holder of opposites, their role in the creative process and our relationship with her/him/them within ourselves. As a shapeshifter, dream weaver, mythmaker, healer and bringer of chaos and new visions, the trickster and shapeshifter is a powerful and mysterious presence not only in ancient mythology, but also in our creative process. Through movement, embodiment, painting, sculpting and writing, participants will connect with mythological images and stories, but also with their inner trickster.

Course leader

Thomas Prattki, Founder and Director plus members of the arthaus teaching team

Target group

Practitioners in the world of performing arts with an interest in mask work, devised work, collaboration and self-expression

Course aim

Our first two workshops give participants an introduction to our 3-year modular MA/MFA and certificate program in Integral Movement and Performance Practice.

Fee info

EUR 600: 600€ for one week (five days) workshop


Early Bird discounts are available until mid February 2022