Berlin, Germany

Playfulness: Gift of the God/desses

when 1 August 2022 - 5 August 2022
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 540

An exploration of the pleasures and delights to connect with our boundless playfulness and imagination as represented in Lalita, Hindu Goddess of playfulness, Pan, Greek god of the wild or the archetypal image of the magical child. From playing outdoor games to animating objects, from imagining to be a fantastical animal to the embodiment of music, painting and poetry, from the seriousness of play to playful seriousness, these five days invite you to an experience where the boundaries between what is real and what we imagine do not exist, opening the gates to worlds beyond our rational understanding, waiting already for so long to be discovered and to save us.

Course leader

Members of the arthaus teaching team

Target group

Practitioners in the world of performing arts with an interest in mask work, devised work, collaboration and self-expression

Course aim

Our second two workshops give participants an introduction to our 1- and 2–year full-time MA/MFA and certificate programs in Devised Theatre and Performance and Embodied Dramaturgy.

Fee info

EUR 540: 540€ per week (five days)


Early Bird discounts are available until mid February 2022