Berlin, Germany

Circularizing Cities - Urban Resource Centers as catalyst for sustainable consumption and production

when 15 August 2022 - 26 August 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 950

This course deals with the concept of circular economies and cities, which are focussed on the reduction of waste and congestion, improvements in productivity and the stimulation of long-term and sustainable growth.
Circularizing Cities introduces participants to the theoretical concepts and practices of circular economy in urban areas and seeks to explore its multidisciplinary. Through learning about the role of urban resource centers in facilitating sustainable consumption, waste prevention, re-use, repair and recycling in urban areas, the course will provide a platform for exchange and ideas which brings together a number of disciplines such as environmental/ civil/ production engineering, industrial design and architecture/urban planning/urban management.
Working together with the Haus der Materialisierung, an urban resource center in Berlin, the course will give insight into one of the centers’ current projects, The House of Statistics (“Haus der Statistik” and offer the chance to explore places, experiment with materials, co-design products, and interact with stakeholders around circularizing cities.

Course leader

Prof. Vera Susanne Rotter
Dr. Isabel Ordonez,
M.Sc. Johannes Scholz, Simone Kellerhoff (Material Mafia)

Target group

Students, working professionals and interested persons in the fields of environmental engineering, industrial design, architecture/urban planning/urban management, civil engineering, production engineering, industrial ecology.

Course aim

The key goal of this course is to understand, analyze and implement the concept of urban resource centers as a nucleus for sustainable consumption and production in cities.

Participants will:
• Learn about urban material flows, concepts for modern waste management and circular economy in cities
• Discuss and communicate the role of urban resource centers in the context of sustainable consumption and production
• Analyze and debate conflicting interests of stakeholder groups in the circular economy
• Learn strategies to raise the value of untapped materials (practical materials workshop)
• Design strategies on how to upscale and multiply urban resource centers in the context of urban planning and management

Fee info

EUR 950: 950 EUR for students
EUR 1140: 1140 EUR for working professionals