Berlin, Germany

Energy-aware production planning: Optimization with Julia JuMP

online course
when 15 August 2022 - 2 September 2022
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 720

We will look at how climate change and the expansion of renewable energy generation affects electricity grids, the energy market, and prices. Industrial energy consumers can adapt to these developments, by scheduling their production based on those energy prices, thereby, not only saving cost, but also supporting the energy transition. A mathematical optimization model, supporting energy aware planning decisions will be introduced.
Using the free optimization software Julia JuMP, we will see how the mathematical formulation can be translated into code and solved, generating energy aware schedules. We will have a look at some results and discuss how they affect the companies and the energy system. Possible model extensions to improve decision making will be sketched.
In supervised group work, some of those model extensions will be implemented into the model, the results presented and discussed.

Course leader

Kristian Bänsch

Target group

The course is best suited for students of industrial engineers, economics, computer scientists or sustainable management. But generally anyone with and interest in the topic can attend.

Course aim

- understand the effects of the energy transition on the energy system and markets
- learn how industrial consumers can mitigate some of negative effects and help getting to a more sustainable future
- see how mathematical programming helps with decision making
- get to know the basics of optimization with Julia JuMP
- learn how to translate mathematical models into code, optimize them, and interpret results
- be able to extend models, writing own code
- understand how energy aware plans affect companies and energy systems

Credits info

3 EC

Fee info

EUR 720: 720 EUR for students
EUR 1120: 1120 EUR for working professionals