Amsterdam, Netherlands

Yoga and Green Economy

when 2 July 2022 - 16 July 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 950

The course focuses on gaining conceptual knowledge on contemporary issues from the lens of the Hindu Worldview. The important constituents of the Hindu Worldview which are appreciated globally like Karma, spirituality, reality, righteousness, and happiness will be part of the course content. The course adapts the science of yoga and has the potential to guide to understanding contemporary issues holistically for flourishing in a Green Economy.
Yoga is a whole philosophy in itself. Individuals from different parts of the world have welcomed yoga with open arms and embraced it in their daily life and routines. However, if we look at Yoga from a Hindu perspective there is more to this philosophy. In this course, we aim to explain relevant and significant knowledge which can help individuals perceive situations from a yogic perspective. The science of Yoga can give insight and future directions for solutions both at an individual level as well as on a leadership and corporate level oriented towards Green Economy. Several multinational companies and companies in the West seem to be open to spiritual practices such as Yoga. The course will make the participant familiar with several aspects of yoga and its potential application in dimensions of sustainability and Green Economy.

The dialogue towards environmental sustainability and green approaches towards organization moves progressively across disciplines like HRM, marketing, supply chain management. The concept of 'green' gained so much popularity that fields like green marketing, GHRM, and green supply chain management emerged. Researchers have explored new dimensions, and contemporary theories were developed and redesigned, focusing specifically on environmental sustainability. By following the integrative approach to sustainability the course aims to explain how Hindu worldview and Yoga has always taught us to coexist with nature and how we can use traditional knowledge to deal with contemporary issues and challenges.

Course leader

Sharda Nandram

Target group

Students, scholars, and practitioners with an interest in sustainability, regenerative, Green Economy, and UN-SDGs.

Course aim

The course aims to achieve the following learning goals:

- To promote an analytical understanding of the Hindu worldview.
- Practice comparing ideas about reality and life in the Western context through informed judgments and conceptualisation through the Hindu worldview.
- Develop academic skills, intellectual courage, and the academic self-confidence needed to appreciate the Hindu way of life.
- Learning to deal intellectually with Hindu knowledge systems in both efficient and effective ways in a busy professional context.
- The participants would be able to define Yoga, articulate the purpose of Yoga, analyse different perspectives on Yoga, and understand its importance in our life.
- Participants will acquire an analytical insight into the positioning of Yoga within the Hindu tradition and other Indian philosophical schools of thinking.
- Participants will demonstrate an analytic understanding of the concept of body and mind derived from the Yoga philosophy and compare it with the conceptualisation of mind in psychological terms and ideas in the context of the West.
- Participants will acquire knowledge and understanding of how to apply yogic theory in the context of sustainability and green practices.
- The participant will learn to apply the gained knowledge and insight to trace personal intellectual and spiritual development. Further, adopts moral leadership (coexisting with nature).
- The participant should be able to communicate the newly acquired knowledge, insight, and applications in the form of academically adequate writing and presentation.

Credits info

3 EC
45 contact hours

Fee info

EUR 950: Application fee €15. This amount is non-refundable.

Tuition fees two-week course:

VU Students/PhD candidates and employees of VU Amsterdam* or an Aurora Network Partner €650
Students at Partner Universities of VU Amsterdam €900
Students and PhD candidates at non-partner universities of VU Amsterdam €950*
Professionals €1150

Early Bird offer
Applications received before 15 March (CET 23:59) receive €50 Early Bird discount!


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