Stuttgart, Germany

Information Technologies and Expert Systems in Plant Protection

blended course
when 26 June 2022 - 2 July 2022
language English
duration 1 week
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 150

The department of Weed Science at the University of Hohenheim, the Ihinger Hof Research Station in Renningen and guest lectures from our partner organisations offer a summer school on "Information Technologies and Expert Systems in Plant Protection" from 26 June - 02 July 2022.

We will work with several sensor systems to identify weed distributions and biotic stress due to pathogens in arable fields, mainly in maize, sugar beet, soybean and winter wheat. Sensors will be mounted on GPS-controlled tractors and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Sensor data will be used to create decisions rules and application maps for site-specific hoeing, harrowing and spraying. Students will also conduct a small experiment with optical sensors.

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Roland Gerhards
Institute of Phytomedicine (360)
Department of Weed Science
Universität Hohenheim

Target group

All students interested in Precision Farming and Crop Sciences are invited to join the summer school.

Course aim

After successfully completing the module, students are qualified in using sensor- and information technologies to identify biotic stress symptoms in crops. This includes both practical sensor measurements and the analysis and interpretation of sensor data. Based on field observations and sensor measurements, students are able to derive recommendations for crop protection and plan and realize plant protection measures.
Students enhance their organizational skills, self-reliance, time management and team work skills during preparation for the exam, while preparing and following up on lectures and during the exercises while preparing the two presentations. They learn and practice both critical and analytical thinking and reading of scientific literature when preparing the presentations, while generally improving their ability of exploring a scientific subject. While preparing the presentations, students improve their scientific articulateness and further improve their oral communication skills.

Credits info

6 EC
Students receive a certificate and 6 credits (ECTS), when they pass the practical tests (40%) and the exam (60%).

Fee info

EUR 150: 150 € for housing and food. Travel expenses are not included. After payment of fees registration is binding.


Students of the netword Euroleague for Life Sciences may ask for a scholarship at their home university.