Turku, Finland

Circular Economy and Technology Assessment

online course
when 9 May 2023 - 29 July 2023
language English
duration 12 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 50

The course covers the core concepts and business models of Circular Economy. It also dives into professional values, responsibilities and judgement: an introduction to what professional work requires from an ethical point of view. Ethical theory, such as utilitarian ethics, rule based ethics, virtue ethics, rights based ethics and a few more are also studied.

The focus will also be on CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility or CR, Corporate Responsibility. We work in a context, an organization and these organizations define much of the boundaries for the professional behavior. Thus, it is important for an employee to have an idea about corporate values and ethics as well.

Technology Assessment, core concepts, aims with TA, criteria, different methods etc. are studied.
In the Circular Economy Course (5 ECTS), the student will develop business skills (needed in working life) and the basics of circular economy the fact-based content of the course. This includes customer-oriented approach and business models. Also, skills of collaboration and project management.

The objective is that the students can apply all of this into practice when encouraged to learn in a new way.

Self-paced online course

Course leader

Turku University of Applied Sciences

Roger Nylund

Target group

All students concerned about social and environmental sustainability. Studies in a technical field is an advantage, but not a prerequisite for the course.

Course aim

After the course the student should be familiar with basics in Circular Economy, ethical theory, corporate ethics and technology assessment. Most importantly, the student should have an understanding of the human aspects of (engineering) work. A goal is to give the students building blocks in their strive towards ethical autonomy at work.

Fee info

EUR 50: The course fee includes:

- Registering to the course and customer service
- Teaching, study facilities in Turku