The Hague, Netherlands

Blockchain Technology: An Introduction

blended course
when 4 July 2022 - 15 July 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 1895

The digital world is evolving rapidly. New technologies and services are paving the way to a decentralized internet: Web3.0, a user-centric internet powered by blockchain technology. Unfortunately, current economic models seem unsustainable and unstable. There is an ever-growing inequality between rich and poor. Our environment suffers under consumerism and an insatiable need for growth, profit, and personal gain. Corruption is deeply rooted in our governments and financial systems and exists because of crooked incentives.

New technologies make it possible to quickly reinvent current models, including people from all layers of society. First, however, these models need to be tried, tested, and developed further. Education/learning plays an essential role in this.

Humanity seems to be at a tipping point. There appears to be a clear understanding that we need to change our behavior and rethink our way forward. Technology can help us in this process. In the next five to ten years, available technologies will provide the infrastructure for this change.

The internet was a giant first step. But, our internet is still flawed and is not censorship-resistant, resulting in abuse of power by those that can gain control over parts of it. Blockchains could provide us with a solution to this and many more problems. Furthermore, current financial models exclude a considerable part of the world's population. In the next decade, the internet, mobile phones, AI, the internet of things, and blockchain technology offer us an opportunity to drastically change how the world works. Adding new properties to the web. Creating a web3.0 with data sovereignty, strong financial incentives, and other unique properties.

With this Blockchain module we are grabbing this opportunity with both hands, realizing the problems above can be dealt with. With a focus on, but not limited to, the financial and technological aspects of the issues that we face, we will educate and prepare people from all corners of our societies. This transition doesn't happen without getting our hands dirty, and we want to be at the frontline of this transition.

Course leader

Jamie Jansen

Course aim

The primary outcome of this module is that students can “explain at a basic level which technological and financial characteristics blockchain technology has and what socio-economic impact these characteristics have on a national and global scale”.

Fee info

EUR 1895: NOTE: fee includes academic fee, accommodation, social programme and lunch on weekdays