The Hague, Netherlands

Peace and Justice in the EU

when 18 July 2022 - 29 July 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 1895

The aim of the programme is to discuss with young people the vital interest of peace and security in the world and, in close connection therewith, the need for reconciliation and cooperation.

More particularly the focus will be on the contribution paid by European Union (EU) cooperation to peace and stability on the European continent. In that regard special attention will be paid to the importance of the respect of the fundamental EU values, such as human rights, democracy and the rule of law principle.

In that sense, the objective seamlessly fits in Rotary International's area of focus 'Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention'.

Having said that, t he Ukraine crisis that broke out in February of this year, can only illustrate that peace and stability are not as yet ‘acquired’ values everywhere in Europe.

During the first week the basics of European Union cooperation will be discussed, such as the characteristics of the EU as an international organisation, the institutional framework, the scope of EU policies, its fundamental values and system of judicial protection. Also the scope of the external action of the Union, including enlargement policy, will be dealt with.

In the second week the focus will be on a number of (global) priority subject matters for the future: defence, human rights protection, migration and climate change.

Apart from lectures and debates excursions will be organised, inter alia to international organizations having their seat in The Hague, such as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

A third component of the course consists of group activities and debates, the development of common projects, presentations and/or simulation games.

Course leader

Jaap de Zwaan

Course aim

At the end of the course participants will have acquired knowledge and expertise regardingthe most relevant dimensions of a society characterised by stability and safety.

Fee info

EUR 1895: NOTE: fee includes academic fee, accommodation, social programme and lunch on weekdays


For participants willing to perform extra assignments, a number of Rotary Scholarships (300 € per participant) are available. You may find more information on our website.