Amsterdam, Netherlands

Migration Control: Borders, Identities and Organisations

online course
when 9 January 2023 - 20 January 2023
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC

Studying migration management, from access to the labour market to deportation measures, this course investigates who is more likely to be included (or excluded) from European societies.

Migration is an urgent topic of research and policy triggering hot debates around border control, access to the labour market, social and economic provisions, or refugees’ legal recognition. Policymakers, civil society and academics have reached some corners in assessing how different identities of people on the move are perceived, managed, and lead to inclusion or exclusion from host societies.

This course will focus on migration management, from access to the labour market to deportation measures in order to investigate who is more likely to be welcomed (or rejected) from Europe and why. The course will dive deep into scholarly discussions on the freedom of movement in the EU, (differentiated) integration and inclusion/exclusion of vulnerable and/or racialised migrants, and the meaning of diversity at work. Special attention will be paid to the struggles of private and public organizations that must respond, adapt and change their own culture to become more inclusive in an era of mass mobility and globalization.

Bringing together these sensitive aspects of migration, the course will encourage students to challenge their understanding of human mobility and state borders, as well as the role of organizations in shaping diversity at work. The course offers students the chance to focus on their own subject within the field of migration management, choosing between enforcement of migration control, moral and legal debates on the freedom of movement, labour rights and social provisions for non-citizens or the hierarchization of identities during cross-border mobility.

Course leader

Dr. Ioana Vrăbiescu is an Assistant Professor at VU. She's published on topics of migration control, institutional racism in Europe, and intersectional analysis of violence against women.

Target group

The course is suitable for anyone with an interest in migration policies and their effects in the receiving societies and in the countries of origin. The course welcomes a wide range of MA students, PhD candidates, and professionals in the field.

Course aim

At the end of the course:

The student will have acquired knowledge and understanding of:

The intertwined role of various decision-makers in public and private organizations who shape identities and ethics or implement laws that regulate migration in Europe.
The multifaced dynamics between migration, identities and labour organization
Debates around the current strategies and policies for migrants’ inclusion/exclusion.
The student has acquired the competencies to:

Analyze several aspects and insights from various perspectives to specific case studies pertaining to the identities shaped during cross-border mobility and in the labour market.
Take multiple, sometimes opposing interests into account when addressing problems such as migration laws and state borders, perceived identities, or organizational change.
The student demonstrates:

• A critical attitude towards the theory and practice of migration control, based on the assigned literature and the lectures.

• Ability to build an argument in support of a migration management strategy that is based on ethical grounds and aims to improve as much possible human livelihoods.

The student has acquired the skills to:

Formulate critical questions in relation to literature and case studies presented in the course.
Present in a creative form a team product that reveals the knowledge acquired or opens-up new debates in the field.
Express knowledge and insights obtained in this course by writing a well-grounded essay.

Fee info

EUR 0: -Students, PhD students and employees of VU Amsterdam: €500
-Students and PhD students: €600
-Professionals: €800
Applications received before 15 October €50 receive Early Bird Discount


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