Denmark, Aarhus

International Environmental Law. The Arctic Case

when 5 August 2013 - 30 August 2013
duration 4 weeks
credits 9.9 EC

We will examine law with focus on the protection of the sensitive environment in the Arctic that contains up to 30% of the world´s undiscovered oil and gas resources. We will review the institutional set-up of the international, regional and national regimes - including the involvement of Denmark (of which Greenland is a territory) and Greenland’s Self-Government. The content of the environmental conventions of relevance for resources extraction and new infrastructure (including roads and harbors) and the national implementation of the law will be discussed on the basis of cases that have been – or are planned to be – started by applications from multinational companies, development banks and/or States (e.g. China).

Course leader

Sandra Cassotta & Ellen Margrethe Basse, Aarhus University

Target group

Master students

Course aim

The aim of the course is to provide advanced legal training in international environmental law. The outcome of this course is to meet the demand for more trained professionals specialized in the situation in the Arctic, where many activities are expected to start up. The Arctic is expected to offer several job opportunities in the future.

Fee info

EUR 0: Students on a bilateral exchange programme do not have to pay. Freemovers are obliged to pay participation fees while tuition fees only apply to freemovers from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland.