Netherlands, Utrecht (Utrecht City Campus)

Phenomenology of Practice and the Tradition of the Utrecht School

when 29 July 2013 - 9 August 2013
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 ECTS
fee EUR 950

This is a course in phenomenological research and writing with advanced themes. It explores the historical background and the contemporary expressions of the Utrecht School of phenomenology in practical professional and every day life contexts.

Phenomenological research aims to return to experience as we live it, abiding by Husserl’s famous dictum “to the things themselves” —in reawakening us to the phenomena and events of our world, and (re)learning to reflect on our awareness of experience. Reflecting on experience must as much as possible, abstain from theoretical, prejudicial and suppositional intoxications.

The fundamental idea of phenomenology is to orient to the primordial sphere of human existence, where meanings originate, well up, percolate through the porous membranes of past sedimentations (memories, habits, cultural and personal styles)—then infuse, infect, touch, and stir us, and exercise a (trans)formative affect. This course aims to develop some selected themes, such as phenomenological reflections on (self)identity, secrecy, technology, and ethics. The course will also offer a brief exposure to the richness and variety of phenomenological traditions and the compelling thinking of some contemporary proponents.

Through exercises and discussion we will address topics like the following: How to raise a phenomenological question; how to recognize and collect experiential human science data; how to understand the phenomenological epoché and reduction in doing phenomenological analysis; how to strive for vocative experiential descriptions, anecdotes and anecdote editing in phenomenological writing; how to interpret the methodological significance of “example” and “image” in phenomenological texts (as distinct from narrative illustrations); how to cultivate creative insight in phenomenological reflection and writing; how to engage in the reflective practice of insight cultivators.

The course will be offered by way of lectures, discussions, and practical workshop activities. Participants will constantly be offered opportunities to address issues raised by them.

Course leader

dr. Bas Levering

Target group

PhD-students in all social scientific disciplines, in education, nursing, social work etc.

Course aim

To equip participants with skills “to do phenomenology”. To provide them with background knowledge of the phenomenological tradition in particular the phenomenology of the Utrecht School. To confront them with the richness and variety of other phenomenological traditions and the compelling thinking of some contemporary proponents.

Credits info

Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 950: Course + course materials + housing

EUR 615: Course + course materials


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