Ljubljana, Slovenia

Data Production, Processing and Analysis in Applied Research: Methods and Tools

online course
when 12 February 2024 - 16 February 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 600

In this course, students will address the following content:
1. The different ways of the scientific path: deduction, induction and abduction.
2. Basics of data production and collection for both quantitative and qualitative data.
3. The different stages of modelling and estimation (from objective definition to model validation, including data retrieval) with methods and examples.
4. How to choose the most suitable method and how to define the variables for data collection and estimation, with exercises and applications.
5. Main elements of data processing and analysis: most common assumptions, validity of uses and groups of techniques.
6. Small set statistics: which methods and estimates can be used with very small sets of data.
7. Hypothesis testing and choice of the most suitable tests: main tests, hypotheses and elements of test choice related to the aim of the analysis.
8. Interpretation, replicability and research and practical considerations.

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Course leader

Jesus GONZALEZ FELIU, Excelia Business School, France

Target group

Doctoral Winter School is an online programme with courses intended for PhD students, post-docs, academics and professionals from different areas and all around the world.

Course aim

The purpose of this intensive course is to present the basics of data production and analysis, i.e. the main concepts and methods for the production, processing and analysis of data (as an input and an output of a model) to understand and describe phenomena and subsequently
forecasting or estimation procedures. This course does not focus on the mathematical foundations of statistical methods or models, but on a scientific methodological approach for the global process of data production and analysis (defining objectives, identifying the sample/population to enquire, collecting or estimating data, processing those data for the given objectives, analysing them and interpreting the results, to finally relating the given outputs to the searched reality), applicable to different research and scientific fields.

Credits info

4 EC
Participants who need ECTS credits for their PhD studies, can obtain an official Transcript of records upon completion of all course obligations with passing final examination/assesment

Fee info

EUR 600: For more information please see our website.