Ljubljana, Slovenia

Scientific Writing Operating System

online course
when 12 February 2024 - 16 February 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 600

Introduction: Key Publishing Principles
− Scientific Writing & Communications
− Tools for:
o Literature discovery, visualisation, and review
o Literature collection, organisation, citation
o Bibliography development and automation; integration with MS Word
o Writing: research note-taking, development, and Writing
− From Research Notes to Scientific Writing
− Research Paper structures
− Writing: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion,
− Argumentation Matrix
− Polishing a Research Article
− Reference best practices (standardisation)
− Publishing and Cover Letters

Course leader

Luis MADUREIRA, NOVA Information Management School (IMS), University Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Target group

Doctoral Winter School is an online programme with courses intended for PhD students, post-docs, academics and professionals from different areas and all around the world.

Course aim

This training provides researchers with an operating system that allows them to write quality
scientific papers that can be published in top journals. The operating system provided will
address the procedures (e.g., how to collect and reference papers), the supporting tools (e.g.,
reference manager), the paper structure requirements (e.g., IMRAD), and the writing in an
integrated fashion.
Most researchers do not have such an operating system that they can rely upon. This results
in a lack of focus, the sensation of being lost, losing relevant ideas, the ability to find suitable
sources to cite, poor writing or storytelling, missing submission deadlines, and finally, the
rejection of the article. A scientific writing operating system can solve these issues and
provide control towards completing the research paper project. Most importantly, it can
significantly improve the chances of its acceptance for publishing.
The course builds on verified methods and open-source tools to streamline scientific writing.
It increases the speed and rigour of the writing while guiding researchers through the article
development process. Several tools will be shared to support different stages of the article
writing process, such as the discovery of relevant literature, processing and synthesising of
this literature into new findings, and integration into original writings.

Credits info

4 EC
Participants who need ECTS credits for their PhD studies, can obtain an official Transcript of records upon completion of all course obligations with passing final examination/assesment.

Fee info

EUR 600: For more information please see our website.