Hungary, Budapest

Decision Making Skills

when 1 July 2013 - 12 July 2013
duration 2 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 850

The Decision Making Skills course introduces several aspects of decision making. It provides a handful of practical techniques to a numerous types and topics of decisions and different phases of the decision making process. It also aims at discovering the opportunities and limitations of these decision techniques and building a portfolio of appropriate and applicable decision tools and skills. Cognitive and ethical aspects of the decision processes will also be discussed.
Regarding skills, the course aims also at developing those managerial skills that are crucial in different phases of a problem solving process: from goal setting to decision making and implementation. The topics of self-awareness, stress management, power, motivating, and team management will be discussed.
The course will also provide a broader overview of the field of behavioural decision making. Topics of bounded rationality and irrationality, creativity, conflict and risk management will be introduced. The course addresses both the theoretical and practical processes of decision making from individual to organisational and social levels.

Course leader

Zita Zoltay-Paprika

Target group

Level of the course:

Level of the students applying for the course:
Bachelor, Master

Course aim

Our course aims at developing an essential knowledge base and skills to enable becoming better decision-makers. Course absolvent will get a deeper understanding of decision behaviour and get skilled in managing decision situations.

Fee info

EUR 850: Early-bird registration: you can save EUR 50.