Netherlands, Utrecht

European History: From Nationalism to Globalisation

when 16 July 2012 - 27 July 2012
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 865

This course explores the main intellectual, cultural and political traditions of Europe. Lecturers in the fields of history, philosophy, religion, art and other fields in the humanities will introduce students to key issues in European civilization from the emergence of European nationalism to the present. What are the distinctive characteristics of European civilization? How did unique political concepts such as citizenship, human rights and democracy evolve? Which distinctive trajectories can one distinguish in the development of religions, fundamentalism, tolerance and the relation between church and state? How to explain the stunning contributions to literacy, scholarship and science? How did European nations cope with the challenges of totalitarianism, racism and the political ideologies of the twentieth century?
What are the cross border challenges that European societies face at the beginning of the twenty-first century? Among the topics to be discussed are the economic crisis and the role of state governments; the many global interconnections and dependencies of globalisation, and the trans-Atlantic ties between the Old World and the New World. Students will discuss these topics in small seminar groups and analyze a number of key issues in small assignments.
The highlight of the course is a full day excursion to the historic German city of Cologne. Here the students will visit the Roman Praetorium and the impressive Cologne Cathedral.

Course leader

Dr. Jaap Verheul

Target group

The course has a focus on the humanities. With humanities as a broad framework, this is a challenging course for students from all fields of studies with an interest in history.

Course aim

Giving students an introduction to the main intellectual, cultural and political traditions of Europe as well as the challenges of globalisation in the twenty-first century.

Credits info

3 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 865: Course + course materials + housing


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