Amsterdam, Netherlands

New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship

when 17 July 2021 - 31 July 2021
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 850

"NOTE: Given the insecurity about the development of covid-19 and its influence on on-campus (offline) activities, all –then applicable- guidelines from the Dutch government will be followed. On 1 May, we will decide whether this course can run on-campus or if it will be given online.

The creation of new ventures is one of the most important economic activities of the modern era. Venture creation isn’t a process exclusive to startups, though. Many other entities in the world of business engage in similar activities, which could be anything from company expansions to take-overs and scale-ups. The city of Amsterdam is one of the best places to learn more about new venture creation.
Amsterdam is one of the top innovation hubs in Europe and, under the umbrella of the Amsterdam entrepreneurial ecosystem, hosts a broad palette of entrepreneurs, firms, and entrepreneurial organizations.

The Center for Entrepreneurship of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (CfE@VU) plays a significant role in the city’s exciting entrepreneurial ecosystem. That’s why this international summer school provides the perfect opportunity to deepen your knowledge of entrepreneurship and what it means to create exciting new business projects and ideas.

The course covers the creation of ventures from two perspectives.
The first is concerned with making entrepreneurship sustainable, including all economic, social, and ecological aspects of new ventures.
The second looks at the role of an entrepreneur within a firm and the life cycle of firms, as well as how they deal with changes.

As a student, you will also be responsible for generating your own business ideas, which will form an essential part of the course. The lecturers will guide this part of the course.

Course leader

Prof. Enno Masurel, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

Target group

Students of any discipline – not just Business Studies – who are interested in new venture creation and entrepreneurship. The aim is to form a very diverse international group. Our courses are multi-disciplinary and therefore are open to students with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Course aim

After having finished this course successfully, the student is able to:

- Work with the most recent insights in the field of new venture creation and entrepreneurship.
- Start his/her own enterprise in any national or regional context.

Credits info

3 EC
Contact Hours: 45
Do you want to make the most out of your summer? You can combine this course with a course in session 1 to create a 4-week Summer School in Amsterdam.

Fee info

EUR 850: The tuition fee of a two-week course depends on your situation and ranges from €850-1150. This tuition fee includes:
- Two week course;
- Exclusive content for a limited number of students;
- Transcript of records with a maximum of 3 ECTS (European study credits);
- Certificate of attendance after completing the course;
- Individual/group guidance from professor;
- Interactive classes;
- Full support from the summer school team;
- For on-campus courses: airport pick-up and welcome activities.


VU Amsterdam Summer School offers three kinds of scholarships: the Academic Scholarship, the Photographer Scholarship and the Vlogger/Videographer Scholarship. More information can be found on the VU Amsterdam Summer School website.

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