Denmark, Aarslev

Applied Crop Physiology

when 19 August 2014 - 23 August 2014
duration 1 week
credits 5 EC

During this intensive course, the students work with measurements of plant physiology at the leaf level. The course has a strong focus on methods and measurements used in crop and ecophysiology. The student will gain knowledge on how plants react to abiotic conditions in the field and greenhouse, and on how plant physiological responses may be affected by the environment. Upon completion of the course the student is expected to be able to explain the factors that regulate water loss and photosynthesis and analyze the effects of different selected abiotic conditions on crop production and plant physiology. Also students will be expected to be able to discuss the relevance of different physiological methods in crop physiology.

Course leader

Carl-Otto Ottosen, Aarhus University

Target group

Master's students

Course aim

To provide the students a thorough background for plant physiological analysis by an intensive hands-on course that improves the knowledge and skills of the students in crop and ecophysiology.

Fee info

EUR 0: ONLY Free-mover students and Tomplads students MUST pay for the course.