Denmark, Aarhus

Art Curating

when 4 August 2014 - 22 August 2014
duration 3 weeks
credits 9.9 EC

On the course we will work with curating as a vital field of action in contemporary culture. Curating develops as a practice that transgresses the boundaries between art, politics, public discourse and social practice. On the course we will be looking at both the historical conditions for the curatorial turn in contemporary culture, its conceptual conditions (the curatorial), and we will work hands on with curating as a creative and reflective mode of action. We will also embrace a more open approach to curating as a condition of contemporary life: the fact that increasingly, we understand our lives through curated events, mediated by interfaces, social media and interpretive filters of different kinds. These events both open up and control our access to our world.

Course leader

Jette Gejl Kristensen, Aarhus University

Target group

Master's students with a background in Art, Music or Design

Course aim

In the examination assessments on this course, emphasis will be placed on the extent to which the student: demonstrates an knowledge of the historical and theoretical context of curating as a practice in the field of contemporary art, is able to understand the dynamics of the art institution especially in relation to the subject position of the curator working with audiences, institutions and other agencies
can document competences to act as a cultural agent in a public field using the versatile methodologies of curatorial practice, can demonstrate critical reflection upon the changing social, political and historical conditions for art and culture, can demonstrate theoretical knowledge of a range of discourses relevant to contemporary and historical art forms.

Fee info

EUR 0: Students on a bilateral exchange programme do not have to pay. Freemovers are obliged to pay participation fees while tuition fees only apply to freemovers from countries outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland.