Denmark, Laugesens Have

Siemens Wind Power

when 3 August 2014 - 15 August 2014
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 ECTS

The objective of the course is to give the participants experience with applying the established engineering knowledge to specific wind turbine problems. In relation to this, the participants will learn about analysing advantages, problems and principles in power obtained from wind energy. They will be able to understand wind as an energy source and a dynamic load source for the wind turbine, understand how power and load are transferred through the construction and understand how the individual components interact.

The summer school is carried out in close cooperation with industrial partners who, along with university staff members, contribute with theoretical lectures and input to the case exercise.

Course leader

Bo Rohde Jensen

Target group

Bachelor's or Master's students

Course aim

The overall goal with this summer school is to give the students a substantial knowledge of wind turbine technology. Having attended the course, the participant will be able to:
1) Describe the working principle for a wind turbine on both component and system level. 2) Understand the basics of Cost of Energy calculation for a complete wind turbine system. 3) Describe the main components, analyse the interactions and load transfer between the components. 4) Analyse design criteria for the different components due to normal operational dynamic loads and extreme load conditions (if mechanical background). 5) Analyse and describe principles for optimising the operation of the turbine and the construction in relation to load reducing control (if control background). 6) Gain experience from teamwork and case related problem solving. 7) Gain experience in procedures for professional problem solving in an industrial environment.

Fee info

EUR 0: To participate in the summer course, you must pay a fee that covers food and accommodation and possibly a tuition fee.
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