Netherlands, Utrecht

Innovative digital productiontools

when 25 August 2014 - 29 August 2014
duration 1 week
credits 1.5 EC
fee EUR 1050

During this one-week introduction course you will learn how to use new digital production tools in order to develop interactive machines that create anything you would like to make. Using production tools like lasercutters and 3D printers you will learn to design and create computer-controlled machines which can help you to convert ideas into actual products.You will not only learn how to use these machines but will also get acquainted with the use of different digital tools and electronics like Arduino, an open source electronics prototyping platform.

Course leader

Joris van Tubergen

Target group

BA and MA students from all discipline backgrounds who are open to the use of technologies in creative production. No previous experience with the use of technologies is required. Students that subscribe for this course are asked to come up with a concrete idea.

For example:
-As a landscape designer the idea to make a computer controlled seed dispenser to
make eco drawings in the landscape
-As a food designer the idea to make a computer controlled cookie shaper.
-As a philosophy student the idea to make a fortune cookie text machine based on
rfid tags in your wallet
-As a game designer the idea to get away from the digital screen and make real physical awards which you can win when reaching the next level

Course aim

To develop new ideas, concepts and products
To get acquainted with:
-basic skills of arduino
-apply digital fabrication tools
-basic skills mechanics
To mix with students from various discipline backgrounds
To learn how to make use of open source communities

Fee info

EUR 1050: € 1050 - Course + course materials + housing

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