Netherlands, Middelburg

Democracy, Slavery and the Decolonial Option

when 16 June 2014 - 1 July 2014
duration 3 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 950

Today, the idea of "democracy" that was globalized through European imperial expansions is no longer the only way to conceive and organize harmonic and convivial societies. The crisis of "western democracy" demands closer examination and invites us to seriously consider other conceptions to achieve peaceful futures. The seminar will address the question of democracy in the light of the historical connections between "civilization and slavery" between "modernity and coloniality".

Course leader

prof. Walter Mignolo (Duke University)
prof. Jean Casimir (Haiti)
prof. Dilip Menon (South-Africa)
dr. Ovidiu Tichindeleanu (Romania)
Alanna Lockward (Berlin)
Jeanette Ehlers (Copenhagen)
Patricia Kaersenhout (Amsterdam)
Patrice Naiambana (London)

Target group

Designed for graduate students (Phd and Ma) from all disciplinary backgrounds.

We will encourage participants interested in creating “working groups” that will continue decolonial research agendas after the end of the seminar. The working groups will develop “reports” and “activities” that may take the form of traditional paper, video-documentary, web-page, artistic creation, museum exhibitions, community work or other initiatives connected to the participant’s interests.

The course is also open to interested advanced bachelor students. (Students from University College Roosevelt can obtain full credits with the writing of a final research paper)

Course aim

The course will make the students acquainted with the most current debates around the decolonial critical thought, in particular in relation to the construction of alternative futures. It also aims at articulating research groups and networks that would complete the summer course with concrete agendas for producing original and collaborative projects aimed at enriching and furthering the scope of the decolonial debate.

Fee info

EUR 950: € 950 - Course + course materials + housing

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