Girona, Spain

Open Web Services and Web Map Applications

when 7 July 2014 - 11 July 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 450

The Open Source Opportunities in GIS Summer School of Girona is an initiative aimed to meet the GIS professional demands related to free and open solutions.

GIS Open Source Summer School 2014 aims to ensure the highest quality of results and internationalize the curricula, in order to prepare students in an international working environment and competitive skills with emphasis on collaboration during the course. We started this initiative from the first edition of this Summer School teaching the advantages of using Free and Open Source Software for GIS.

The 5th edition of the Open Source Opportunities in GIS Summer School will focus on Open Web Services and Web Map Applications, especially on the publication of data on the web. With this goal, the programme will cover topics related to the management and query of spatial databases, creation of geospatial web services and development of internet viewers for publishing geospatial data. During this course you will learn some basic and fundamental steps in the use of tools such as PostgreSQL and PostGIS, GeoServer, OpenLayers and GeoExt.

Course leader

The GIS and Remote Sensing Centre of the University of Girona with the contribution of the Nottingham Geospatial Institute of the University of Nottingham and Prodevelop (partner of OpenGeo).

Target group

The Summer School is open to professionals and researchers interested in spatial information and all those who wish to meet, gain experience and share knowledge in the application and use of FOSS for sharing and publishing spatial data.

The Summer School aims to be a starting and meeting point for professionals and researchers working with geographic information and who are interested in applying the geographic information in their projects and research as well as sharing knowledge and experiences with a wide international audience.
The course is particularly aimed at professionals and researchers from a wide range of disciplines such as regional planning, geography, environmental sciences, tourism management, etc.

Course aim

- Act as a platform for Free and Open Source Geospatial Software teaching, learning and collaboration.

- Provide practical experience to the participants in the use of Free and Open Source Geospatial Software.

- To develop expertise in using Free and Open Source technologies for Geospatial.


- Promote the use of Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Information as alternative to proprietary software.

- Provide a space for discovery and collaboration while training in new techniques and methods using Free and Open Source GIS development tools.

- Provide basic knowledge to create a spatial database.

- Understand and apply the main standards used to ensure interoperability in the exchange and publication of geospatial information.

- Knowing the capacities and advantages of using Open Source Software to creating a web mapping application.

- Provide practical experience in creating Open Web Services and Web Map Applications using FOSS tools

Credits info

Considering the workload, the Summer School can be credited with ECTS credit points.

Fee info

University Student: 400€ - UNIGIS Student: 350€
University Student: 500€ - UNIGIS Student: 450€