Netherlands, Amsterdam

Summer Institute on Sexuality, Culture and Society

when 7 July 2019 - 1 August 2019
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee EUR 2350

The study of human sexuality involves understanding its complexity and how it represents changing interactions over time involving the self, the body, culture, and power -- and as well, how this complexity is conceptualized and organized culturally, politically and epistemologically.
During this four-week advanced programme, students will gain knowledge of sexuality as it intersects with ethnicity, nationality, class, and religion, and will become more familiar with how sexuality is conceptualized and practiced within research, programmatic, and advocacy venues.

Course leader

Academic Director: Dr. Diane di Mauro
Assistant Academic Director: Robert Sember

Target group

PhD and MA students preferred; BA degree required. Selection of applicants is based on academic achievement, relevant work experience and commitment to the field of sexuality as demonstrated in the application form and submitted letters of reference.
The Summer Institute is open to students with a focused interest in sexuality research, MA and Ph.D. students, students at one of the Dutch research schools, and students or professionals from NGO's engaged in AIDS and/or sexuality research.
Students with no previous experience in the field should consider taking our introductory course prior to applying to the Summer Institute.
Since 1995, we have had over 385 students from 40 different countries. Twenty-five percent of the participants were professionals working for NGO's. The others had diverse educational backgrounds; in the social sciences (anthropology, sociology, psychology), women's studies, history, public health, or human sexuality studies.

Course aim

Each year, the Summer Institute is comprised of a multidisciplinary international faculty and student body from a range of social and cultural backgrounds, offering a rewarding and challenging learning experience. Students engage with faculty and guest lecturers via a specialized program of course modules (twice daily), weekly get-togethers, and informal conversations during daily group lunches. Students benefit from an exceptional networking opportunity through the sharing of experiences, works in progress, research plans and diverse perspectives.

As the host city for the Summer Institute, Amsterdam is an ideal location. The open atmosphere and small scale of the city offers a refreshing setting for engagement and discussion of sexuality, culture and society.

Credits info

10 EC
As a Summer Institute student you will either receive
an official participation certificate (non-credit)
or both a participation certificate and a transcript (credit)
with an official seal from the Universiteit van Amsterdam.
Students who wish to earn credits receive an official transcript stating the courses taken, credits earned and grades obtained. The programme is the equivalent of a 10 European Credits (or 5 US credits) module.

Fee info

EUR 2350: This tuition fee includes:
lunch on class days
all reading materials
access to course materials on Blackboard
excursions and site visits
certificate of attendance
The tuition fee does not include travel to and from Amsterdam nor housing.
EUR 675: Housing fee (optional).


Please see our website for scholarship options.

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