Netherlands, Costa Rica

Behavioural Ecology of Native Bees in the Tropics

when 18 August 2014 - 29 August 2014
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 985

This course in Costa Rica concentrates on bee-plant relations of tropical bees. Biodiversity, pollination and beekeeping are major topics, but basics of bee biology such as recruitment for food and competition avoidance are included. The tropical environment is basic in the course. The programme of lectures, practicals and field visits will expose the students not only to tropical bee ecology but also to majestic forest trees and animals as well as to tropical crops and fruits. The students will play an active role by carrying out experiments and observations related to bee behaviour, pollination and the analysis of tropical biodiversity.

Course leader

Prof. dr. Marinus J. Sommeijer

Target group

MSc-students and PhD-students. Also open for advanced BSc-students.This course may be attractive to students of Science, Biology, Agronomy, Economy and Environmental studies.

Course aim

The aim is to introduce students in the ecology and diversity of colony-living bees in the tropics. Insight will be obtained in the importance of native bees for the tropical forests and tropical agriculture. The worldwide significance of beekeeping with native tropical bees and Africanized honeybees in tropical America will be studied.

Fee info

EUR 985: • € 985 - Course + course materials + housing

course fee includes housing.
Excl. International air ticket and Visa fees



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