Netherlands, Middelburg

Biophilia, the impact on the medical profession

when 18 June 2014 - 18 June 2014
credits 0.5 EC
fee EUR 195

Biophilia is defined as "the innate focus of humans on life or life-like things". This entails the effects of plants and vegetation, of wilderness landscapes and of animals on mental health. There is a host of available peer-reviewed literature on these effects.

Course leader

Dr. Inez Flameling

Target group

Medical and mental health professionals (GP's and psychologists).
Master students and PhD students in the medical or mental health field

Course aim

The aim is to translate the available knowledge about biophilia (i.e. the innate need of humans to affiliate with nature and living things) into practical approaches to be used by (mental) health professionals.

Fee info

EUR 195: • € 195 - Course + course materials

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