Weimar, Germany

Mapping – The Art of Interference

when 3 August 2014 - 15 August 2014
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 550

Using experimental interventions in public space participants transfer properties between objects of their interest as a tool for creative analysis. Using drawings, models, photo- and video collages or experimental interventions in the public space we will explore the urban environment.

Mapping = Data Visualisation

After a theoretical introduction based on interdisciplinary examples, the supervisors constantly mentor the individual works of the participants. Claim and practical investigation balance each other in an experience based approach. Starting from real places in Weimar the participants will develop new ideas for mapping in time and space. Be it MIDI or high rise building, sensors and potatoe chips, history and ornament – everything can be mapped to everything. The question remains: How? The class is brought to a conclusion with the documentation of a real – or fictitious spacial installation.

Course leader

Gregor Sauer planner and organizer around design
- Born in 1972 in Cairo
- Studied architecture and product design in Buenos Aires, Weimar, Barcelona
- Founding member of the Bauhaus.Transferzentrum
- Co-owner of the MOS ArchitkturDesign

Stefan Kra

Target group

Students of artistic & creative degree programmes

Previous knowledge:
- Basic technical knowledge of photography and usage of digital reflex camera
- Basic knowledge Photoshop or Bridge software
- Good knowledge of English (course language)

Technical requirements:
- Own digital reflex camera
- Laptop computer with Photoshop/Bridge software

Course aim

Participants will acquire new skills in interdisciplinary transfer. They will design a spacial installation based on an artistic and technical conception. Artistic work will be documented by texts and images throughout the course period.

Credits info

3 EC
After successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate of participation. It will show the course title, the date and duration of the course, the number of contact hours as well as the main contents and topics.

Fee info

EUR 550: The course fee is 550,-€.
EUR 450: Students and alumni pay the reduced fee of 450,-€.