United Kingdom, Oxford

Maths and Engineering **Ages 15-18**

when 7 August 2017 - 21 August 2017
duration 2 weeks
fee GBP 3895

Oxford Summer College is a two week university preparation course held in the heart of Oxford at Somerville College.

The Oxford Summer College M&E programme combines Mathematics and Engineering to create a unique programme that teaches students undergraduate level maths and subsequently shows them how to apply their knowledge to the world around them. Students will get an introduction to matrix algebra and differentiation and also work towards a practical which will involve the creation of a water launcher. After the experiment, students will use their mathematic skills to examine the results from the practical, thus exploring the interdisciplinary relationship between maths and engineering.

Topics include
o Introduction to matrix algebra
o Matrix solutions to simultaneous equations
o Differentiation and differential equations
o The construction and use of a water launcher
o Particle dynamics when analysing the results of the experiment
o Complex numbers
o De Moivre’s theorem

Course leader

Expert Oxbridge-educated tutors.

Target group

Students aged 15-18 who are interested in pursuing mathematics or engineering at a leading university. At the Oxford Summer College you also choose one other subject to study along side Maths and Engineering.

Course aim

On this course pupils will learn how to apply scientific knowledge problem-solving skills to real world situations, and come up with practical solution.

Fee info

GBP 3895: The course fee covers all tuition, accommodation and meals at Somerville College. It also covers all activities, excursions included in the course and airport transfers between Oxford and London. Flights to and from London are not included.