United Kingdom, Oxford

Philosophy **15-18**

when 7 August 2017 - 21 August 2017
duration 2 weeks
fee GBP 3895

Oxford Summer College is a two week university preparation course held in the heart of Oxford.

We offer a very popular introductory course in philosophy on our programme.

Oxford and Cambridge have been home to some of history’s greatest thinkers including John Locke, Bertrand Russell and Jeremy Bentham. Philosophy is the study of the nature of knowledge. Through considering fundamental questions students develop the ability to construct and analyse arguments and to think logically and rationally. These skills are invaluable for any degree at any university.
This course will provide an introduction to the study of philosophy at undergraduate level, and students will explore a broad range of topics including ethics, aesthetics and the theory of knowledge.

Topics will include:
o Utilitarianism
o Categorical Imperative
o Miracles
o The problem of evil
o Morality and religion
o The Teleological argument

Oxford Summer College is to be held at Somerville College, Oxford.

Course leader

Expert Oxbridge-educated tutors

Target group

Students aged 15 -18 who are interested in an introduction to Philosophy, learning more about the subject or are considering a degree in Philosophy or a related field at a leading university.

Course aim

The course aims to introduce students the the topics that will be covered early in a Philosophy undergraduate course. It will help students to develop the necessary skills of discussion and to form concise and coherent arguments.

Fee info

GBP 3895: The course fee covers all tuition, accommodation and main meals at Somerville College. It also covers all activities, excursions included in the course and airport transfers between Oxford and London. Flights to and from London are not included.