Brno, Czech Republic

Czech for Foreigners - Intermediate 1 int

when 4 August 2014 - 15 August 2014
duration 2 weeks
fee CZK 4299

Lessons focus on a practical use of Czech language in ordinary, daily situations
focus on practicing correct pronunciation of Czech speech sounds, speaking, writing with no grammatical errors, reading, and listening

At the end of the course, I will:
be able to introduce myself and people around me
be able to describe things around me and relationships among people, how and where I live
be able to work with advertisements (apartments to rent, jobs) and to fill out an official form
be able to hold conversations on the topics we have gone through and to express my opinion using various phrases and structures
be able to react in everyday situations
be able to create long texts on various topics

In terms of grammar, I will be able to use:
grammatical terms, gender, declination (somebody, something, nobody, nothing)
all the cases in singular
basic forms of the cases in plural

Topics for conversation:
family and relationships in family
where and how I live
travelling in the present and in the past
career or vocation
birthday, name day, and anniversary party

Length of the course
20 two-hour lessons (= 90 min)

Materials the Intermediate 1 course is based on:
Česky krok za krokem 2 (= Czech Step by Step 2), Čeština pro cizince (selected chapters), materials provided by the teacher, Čeština pro život

Target group

Czech Intermediate 1 course is for students who passed the Pre-Intermediate course or those with good knowledge of Czech; students can use all the deflections and tenses, simple conditional, and imperative

Fee info

CZK 4299: The fee covers tuition expenses and extra copies only. Other study materials are paid separately.