Muenster, Germany

Gamifying Spatial Collaboration

when 11 June 2014 - 17 June 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 200

The summer school will take a close look at the opportunities and challenges that arise through combining geoinformatic technology with gamification for spatial collaboration. Two particular questions addressed during the school will be: How can gamification improve geoinformation technology? and, What are the opportunities offered by gamification to enhance collaborative data acquisition and the gathering of feedback? The summer school will consist of a 6-day program at the intersection of spatial collaboration, gamification and geoinformation technology. It will be held in the stimulating and creative environment of the Institute for Geoinformatics.

Course leader

Prof. Dr. Barbara Grüter
Gangs of Bremen, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences, Bremen

Dr. Peter Kiefer
Geoinformation Engineering, ETH Zurich

Kate Chapman
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (H.O.T.), Washingto

Target group

graduate students

Course aim

The goals of the summer school will be to explore both the theory and practice of gamification and spatial collaboration in geoinformatics, and how we can move towards applying gamification to enhance collaborative data acquisition in geoinformatics.

Fee info

EUR 200: Fees include catering, lunch, and a gala dinner and amount to 200 € per student. Accommodation needs to be paid separately.


Financial Assistance available