Germany, Bayreuth

Sport Management

when 14 July 2014 - 18 July 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 980

Course Description

This summer school primarily aims to develop an understanding among students regarding ecological aspects of sport science. It broadly addresses the question that how (socio-)ecological settings (environmental surroundings) of an individual contribute to the overall performance and effectiveness of sport activities? This summer school will start with an introduction to the general concepts of ecology itself and how different ecosystems are formed and function. Thus students will be acquainted with natural settings (e.g. landscape, climate, vegetation) for outdoor sports in rural (mountains, forests, waters) and urban (cities) environment. They will try to comprehend the impacts of sports on nature and can identify potential conflicts. They will also develop some know-how about concepts and solutions for environment-friendly sport practices. Then the main focus will be on urban ecosystems and how they could contribute to sport activities and tourism; how landscape is used for leisure and sport activities; what is the contribution of environmental problems (like traffic, pollution, population) to the natural environments; how parks and other sporting facilities are conceived and used by people from different social and cultural backgrounds. This course will also help students developing some understanding on how the study projects are conceived, designed and executed. They will be develop an understanding for developing eco-friendly outdoor sport opportunities for certain target groups, as well as for setting up scientific surveys, and will be able to present these planning and research projects. In addition to a range of lectures students will be engaged in groups’ activities to discuss their ideas and potential topics for group projects – they will create posters and present them in the class to share their ideas and input from other students and the instructor.

Course leader


Dr. Salman Qureshi

Fee info

EUR 980: The normal participation fee in 980 EUR
EUR 500: Students coming from partner universities pay 500 EUR