Estonia, Tallinn

Network Security

when 25 July 2016 - 29 July 2016
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1 ECTS

- Basics of Network Security (Safety Objectives, Communication Model)
- Attacker Model and Attack Classification
- Countermeasures, Security Services, and Security Mechanisms
- Authenticity and Digital Signatures

Course leader

MSc Dennis Boldt (L├╝beck)

Target group

Students and professionals in the field of informatics, computer science or electrical engineering
Attendance requirements: Basic knowledge of operating systems, file systems, computer hardware, and networks.

Course aim

This lecture provides an overview on network security including theoretical foundations and real-world implementations. It starts with fundamental terms and assumptions that are typical for network security.
Following, the basic attacks in networks are discussed and the security services violated by these as well as potential countermeasures are introduced. The practical (non-mathematical, non-theoretical) fundamentals of cryptography are discussed. Authenticity and digital signatures are discussed in detail as they are instrumental for today's commercialized internet. Finally, the implementation of some security services is illustrated at the example of well-known and widely deployed technologies such as SSL/TLs.

Credits info

Credits are allocated, based on students workload (ECTS-system). On successful completion of the Summer School courses, a certificate, which confirms the ECTS-credits earned as well as the grade, is awarded. The certificate is signed by all lecturers and includes a detailed description of the content and number of the courses attended.

Fee info

EUR 0: No fee


- Free accommodation (including breakfast) and lunch for all participants