Estonia, Tallinn

Practical Workshop: WiFi and Sensor Networks

when 3 August 2016 - 6 August 2016
language English
duration 1 week

Basics on radio propagation
Communication protocols in unlicensed spectrum: IEEE 802.11 (WiFi), IEEE 802.15.4 (Low Rate Personal Wireless Network)
• How do the systems interfere with each other
• Tweaking parameters: How can the protocols be changed to gain an advantage over others (Simulation and lab setup)

Course leader

Dr.-Ing. Maciej Mühleisen

Target group

Students and professionals in the field of informatics, computer science or electrical engineering,
Attendance requirements:
- Curiosity about the details of everyday technology like cell phones and WLAN
- Basics in radio wave propagation
- Basics in statistics

Course aim

The students will understand the protocols applied to operate communication systems in unlicensed spectrum like the Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) Band. They will learn how common systems like WiFi, Wireless Sensor Networks and Bluetooth apply those techniques for data transmission. Exploits are presented to manipulate the protocols in order to gain an advantage over other communicating parties.

Fee info

EUR 0: No fee


- Free accommodation (including breakfast) and lunch for all participants