Barcelona, Spain

Innovative Marketing Communications

when 14 July 2014 - 18 July 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 500

This course is designed to develop the students’ capacity to manage themselves in a new and complex digital environment. The focus of the course is on enabling students to be successful in this new age which requires us to constantly redefine our strategies.
First, the students will learn the new vocabulary and concepts related to the innovative marketing tools. Then the students will learn how to use these tools and track the produced information. Finally, it will be explained how to create a complete Marketing and Communication plan by using all of the concepts taught in the course.

Course leader

Jesus Oliver Ferrer
The founder of Wow Time Media – the agency of modern marketing technologies with such
clients as Heineken, Sony, Grupo Husa, etc. Earlier, for nice years Jesus was the marketing
director at Casio Spain – the famous watch company.

Course aim

Upon completion of the course students are expected to be able to:

- Become familiar with vocabulary, concepts and tools of the new communication age
- Understand the goals of each particular tool
- Gain practical experience with the tools and learn to use these new technologies
- Identify the most suitable tools for each situation
- Discover the opportunities given by the innovative marketing communications
- Create a coherent Marketing strategy (emphasizing Social Media)
- Create a Marketing and Communication plan

Fee info

EUR 500: 3 modules at GBS Barcelona – 1250 euro (416 euros per module)
2 modules at GBS Barcelona – 900 euro (400 euros per module)
1 module at GBS Barcelona – 500 euro