Milan, Italy

Emerging Africa: New Markets, Resources and Conflicts (taught in ITALIAN)

when 2 July 2014 - 3 July 2014
duration 1 week
fee EUR 200

The first years of the new millennium showed signs of change for Africa, both on the political and on the economic field. The course begins with an introductory overview of the recent political and economic developments of the sub-Saharan countries and their position within the international system. On the more specific economic development, we will address the issue of economic and trade relations between African countries and other areas of the world, then we will see the structural economic reforms and their compatibility with the objectives of poverty reduction and the disputed effectiveness of international development aid. Regarding the trajectories of political development in the African countries, we will analyze the slow and difficult process of institutionalization of the internal political life, as the construction of regional institutions in order to foster political stability and economic development of the continent.

Course leader

Giovanni Carbone - University of Milan

Target group

The course is intended for graduate students, recent graduates and professionals who are interested and aims to provide a reasoned knowledge of development issues in African countries with references, in-depth and specific information on some selected cases.

Fee info

EUR 200: The EUR 200 course fee includes all instructional materials