France, Toulouse (France) & Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Joint Business Summer School Toulouse - Ljubljana

when 8 June 2017 - 21 July 2017
language English
duration 7 weeks
credits 6 ECTS
fee EUR 2550

- Attend a 6-week programme held in Toulouse (France) and in Ljubljana (Slovenia).
- Study at two top, both triple accredited European institutions: Toulouse Business School and University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics.
- Earn up to 24 ECTS credits that are internationally recognized.
- Discover France and Slovenia, their culture and business environment.
- Live a unique experience in a multicultural environment.
- Travel on a scenic route from Toulouse to Ljubljana.

Course leader


Target group

Pre-requisites :
- Undergraduate students ideally in business
- Pre-experience master students
- English proficiency

Course aim

A variety of business courses offered by Toulouse Business School and Ljubljana Faculty of Economics (6 ECTS per course) students will choose 2 courses per destination.

Courses in Toulouse:

MANAGEMENT EXPERIENCE (Undergraduate level):

- MARKETING: Cross-cultural Awareness in Communication,Management & Marketing
- MARKETING: Strategic Marketing- Luxury Marketing and Branding Trends in France and Europe
- FINANCE: International Banking & Finance
- INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT: Managing Innovation, a European Approach
- HUMAN RESOURCES: International Human Resources Management
- BUSINESS STRATEGY: Business Strategy in Europe


- MARKETING: Strategic Marketing- Marketing Innovation
- MARKETING: Brand Management
- FINANCE: Corporate Finance in Europe
- BUSINESS STRATEGY: Business Strategy in Europe
+ 1 optional module in French as a Foreign Language (10 contact hours) - For Beginners and Intermediate Students

Courses in Ljubljana:

Bachelor courses:
1. Business English 1 (ECTS: 6)
2. Business English 2 (ECTS: 6)
3. Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability (ECTS: 6)
4. Business Plan Development/Lean Start-ups Course (ECTS: 6)
5. Corporate Finance 1 (ECTS: 6)
6. Electronic Business (ECTS: 6)
7. Gamification and Digital marketing (ECTS: 6)
8. Human Resources Management (ECTS: 6)
9. International and European Taxation (ECTS: 6)
10. International Business Law (ECTS: 6)
11. International Financial Environment (ECTS: 6)
12. International Marketing Strategy: Bring Your Favourite Product to the World (ECTS: 6)
13. International Negotiations (ECTS: 6)
14. Macroeconomics (ECTS: 6)
15. Marketing Practice Through Big Data (ECTS: 6)
16. Models of Innovative Management & Creativity (ECTS: 6)
17. Psychology for Managers (ECTS: 6)
18. Socio-economic Development and Contemporary Slovenia (ECTS: 6)
19. Strategic Management 1 (ECTS: 6)

Bachelor courses (final year of study) & Master courses:
1. Behavioural Economics (ECTS: 7)
2. Big Data Analytics: The Best practices in the Industry (ECTS: 7)
3. Change Management (ECTS: 7)
4. Creativity & Entrepreneurship (ECTS: 7)
5. Digital and Social Media Marketing (ECTS: 7)
6. Doing business with Central Asia: Key issues and topics (ECTS: 7)
7. Leading Change to a Circular Economy (ECTS: 7)
8. Strategic Brand Management: meaning, value and culture (ECTS: 7)
9. Supply Chain Management (ECTS: 7)

Credits info

24 ECTS for the joint program in both Toulouse and Ljubljana

Fee info

EUR 2550: Study fee (4 courses): 2.550 EUR; it includes tuition and study materials, access to the library and computer rooms, opening and closing ceremonies, some organized social events, welcome packages
EUR 0: Hospitality packages: 745 - 895 EUR*; it includes accommodation both in Toulouse and Ljubljana and 2 meals per weekday in Ljubljana.

Scenic route from Toulouse to Ljubljana: 550 EUR (Summer School participants taking the joint summer school option will travel from Toulouse to Ljubljana on a scenic route from 29 June to 1 July. The journey will include 2 stops, giving the opportunity to students to discover the French Riviera and Northern Italy.


No scholarships available.