Cargese, France

Rogue and Shock Waves in Nonlinear Dispersive Media

when 6 July 2015 - 17 July 2015
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 300

Rogue waves and shock waves are ubiquitous in various branches of the physical sciences and engineering, ranging from hydrodynamics to optics, acoustics and plasma. Such phenomena have an universal character, i.e., most of the times, they can be described on a common mathematical and physical background. The scope of the school is to get together top-level theoretical physicists, mathematicians and experimentalists working in different fields with the aim of presenting to students and young researchers a unifying concept of rogue and dispersive shock waves. Special attention will be given to the nonlinear dynamics of ocean waves and nonlinear optics where the field of rogue/shock waves has been mostly developed.

Course leader

Miguel Onorato, Stefania Residori and Fabio Baronio

Target group

Phd students and post docs

Course aim

Rogue waves, dispersive shock waves, nonlinear optics, ocean waves, modulational instability, breathers, mathematical aspects of dispersive rogue waves, controlled experiments in hydrodynamics and optics, statistical properties of rogue waves

Fee info

EUR 300: Registration fee for the school is 300 Euros. Accommodation in the Institute for 12 nights (from Monday 6 of July to Friday 17 of July) costs 525 Euros for a double room and 645 Euros for single room (only a few are available). The cost includes breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks (dinner is not included).


Depending on the total amount of funding, a number of scholarship will be available.