Netherlands, Utrecht

Context-Based Science Education

when 17 August 2015 - 28 August 2015
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 940

In the last decades contexts have become more common in science education. Curricula which are context-based are labeled by acronyms such as STS (Science Technology Society) of SSI (Socio-scientific issues). In PISA scientific knowledge is assessed in personal, local/national and global contexts.
Contexts might be used for a variety of reasons such as to make students more interested in science, to illustrate the relevance of scientific knowledge, to foster memory of such knowledge or to make students competent in using science in life as a citizen. This results in a large variety of context-based approaches. However, the use of contexts is also debated. Some opponents argue that it might lead to a dilution of science by including many non-scientific aspects. The shift towards a greater role of contexts in science education also raises issues about the essence of the secondary science curriculum and the meaning of scientific knowledge for citizenship. Some supporters have the opinion that context-based science education should include local action of students, for instance on environmental issues.

The Summer School on Context-based Science Education offers lectures, seminars and workshops on educational research and development in the fields of context-based science education. The program will be tailored towards the diverse interests of master students, teachers, curriculum developers, and researchers.

Course leader

Prof.dr. Harrie Eijkelhof

Target group

Master students in teacher education and educational and learning sciences with a strong interest in science education; primary and secondary science teachers and teacher educators; curriculum developers; and researchers. Proficiency in English will be essential for a fruitful participation in the workshops. The maximum number of participants is 40.

Course aim

The course will provide a solid starting point if you intend
to develop, implement or investigate context-based education in a natural science domain. Topics will include: socio-scientific issues; trends in context-based
teaching approaches; classroom experiments; historical contexts; research
approaches and findings; informal science education; talented children;
blended learning; assessment (e.g. PISA).

Credits info

3 EC
+ certificate of attendance

Fee info

EUR 940: Including housing
EUR 600: Excluding housing


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