France, Paris

Sorbonne | Modernity and postmodernity | No.1

when 16 July 2018 - 18 July 2018
language French
duration 1 week
fee EUR 450

The Sorbonne Summer University offers 12 cycles - 10 in French and 2 in English - taught by academics from the Sorbonne Université cluster.

Cycle 3 invites to reflect on the concepts of modernity and postmodernity in the fields of literature, philosophy, the visual arts and politics.

The French Novel in the Twentieth Century, from modernity to postmodernity
Catherine Helbert, French literature, Paris-Sorbonne University
The transformation of modern societies
Louis Dupont, geography, Paris-Sorbonne University
How French became modern - 1850-1968
Arnaud Houte, history, Paris-Sorbonne University
Modernities and postmodernities in the visual arts
Arnaud Maillet, art history, Paris-Sorbonne University
Modernity in philosophy: what is a subject?
Jean-Cassien Billier, philosophy, Paris-Sorbonne University

Course leader

Sandrine La Neelle

Target group

Students, tourists, or curious Parisian ! (A good level of French is required: B1)

Course aim

Discover the current debates in different scientific fields and learn about the French civilisation with professors from a prestigious University: La Sorbonne.

Credits info

A certificate will be delivered.

Fee info

EUR 450: Courses, conferences and a visit of the Sorbonne (or of the Senate) are included in the price.
You can also add cultural activities to the programme of courses.

Early birds fees before 28/02 and 30/04 - see web site