Netherlands, Utrecht (NL)

Corporate Branding and Design

when 10 August 2015 - 14 August 2015
duration 1 week
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 695

In our changing world public and private organizations make more and more effort to reach people, gain their attention and get them involved. We live in a visual culture, and the choice of very many media resources leads to zap behaviour. The first impression is increasingly the decisive impression. Design is important to visualize the corporate personality. In this interactive course each participant selects an organization of which the corporate branding and design will be working material for the course.

Design is important to visualize the corporate personality, to be distinctive and to build and maintain a brand-relationship. Corporate branding is not only the use of your company name and the expression of your corporate ‘look and feel’ in all your communication with stakeholders, it is also based on ongoing interaction, not only with consumers or clients but with anybody who can influence the brand. In our time with many social media there can be a lot of influences, both positive and negative.

In this course you will enjoy a dynamic week with (guest)lectures, workshops, presentations, field research, an excursions to a famous Dutch brand and lots of interaction. You will collect visual expressions of an organization you are really interested in, and two of its competitors. You will use these collected expressions during the workshops related to branding and design. At the end of the course you will have a concrete advise for the organization of your choice!
The course has both a theoretical and practical approach. Lectures and studying articles in your reader are practiced by following workshops. You will also give several presentations, individually and in a small group, to express your own ideas.

Wondering what participants of previous years think about the course? Read the experiences below!
“I learned many things, I was impressed and Utrecht is a beautiful city” (participant from Japan);
“It was more than my expectations, fully planned and managed plus very useful information” (participant from Pakistan);
“I liked the positive atmosphere, interaction, right combination between theory and practice. It teaches you to think in an independent way, not just analysing but also create new ideas” (participant from Italy);
“I liked all of our lectures very much, every day was a unique, informative, positive experience” (participant from Switzerland).

Course leader

Jelly J. Offereins

Target group

To make effective strategic choices it is important to use both brain hemispheres. Therefore, this course is suitable for participants with business, finance or marketing background and for participants with a creative, design or architecture background, as long as you have a strong interest in the field of branding and consumer behavior. Participants are required to switch quickly from abstract notions to their implications in everyday life. They need to be able to actively participate in both fieldwork and group discussions. A good command of English is necessary.

Course aim

After successful completion of the course, you have developed knowledge and vision about the way design, as a strategic resource, can build and maintain a brand relationship for your specific organization. You also have presented your vision and research together with others in an inspiring and interactive way. You have strengthen your self-confidence through dialogues with others about your rational choices and your creative ideas.

Credits info

2 EC
Certificate of Attendance

Fee info

EUR 695: Course + course materials + housing
EUR 495: Course + course materials


Utrecht Summer School does not offer scholarships for this course.

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