Germany, Kiel

Innovation, Employment and Growth in the Global Economy

when 14 June 2015 - 20 June 2015
duration 1 week
fee EUR 600

The recent wave of innovation, in particular the ICT revolution, had a deep impact on countries worldwide. It also led to a reassessment of the effects which innovation has on our economies. How do innovations spread over space and time? How do they affect the global organisation of production? What are the implications for economic growth and employment? The aim of the summer school is to consider these issues and discuss appropriate policy responses.
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Course leader

Klaus Desmet ( SMU Austin,Texas)
Jordi Jeaumandreu ( Boston University)
Ingrid Ott ( KIT, Karlsruhe)
Jonathan Vogel ( Columbia University )
Fabrizio Zilibotti ( University of Zurich)

Target group

The Summer School addresses PhD students and Post-docs with a strong academic record and a keen interest in policy issues, and staff members of policy and other institutions.

Fee info

EUR 600: Student Rate
EUR 1600: Regular fee