Leiden, Netherlands

International Summer School - The Quantum Revolution

when 5 July 2015 - 15 July 2015
duration 2 weeks

The present may be called one of Quantum Revolution, stretching from better understanding of the evolution of the universe to the physics of biological processes and condensed matter.

The summer programme will highlight these aspects, with an emphasis on the Leiden Master programme and the experimental and theoretical research opportunities offered within the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION).

Course leader

The Leiden Institute of Physics (LION) incorporates the Huygens-Kamerlingh Onnes laboratory for experimental physics and the Institute Lorentz for theoretical physics. Together the different branches provide an academic environment with a focus on fundame

Target group

The summer school is open to top class 2nd and 3rd year Bachelor students in Physics.

Course aim

Enjoy lectures by experts from the Institute, discover its experimental facilities, and get to know the Leiden Physics Master’s programme and the experimental and theoretical research opportunities it offers, comprising:
- The quantum universe and its imprint on the sky
- Physics of the living cell
- Quantum computation and communication
- Single molecule optics and electronic
- Quantum imaging techniques
- Physics of metamaterials
- Quantum field theory

Credits info

After successful completion of the Summer School participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Fee info

EUR 0: Participation in the summer school is free and a limited amount of bursaries for travel to and from the summer school are also available.