Tübingen, Germany

Divided in Diversity - The European Union in Crisis?

online course
when 12 July 2021 - 20 August 2021
language English
duration 6 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 175

After a series of very successful Online Schools in 2020 and we will offer our Summer Schools 2021 also online.

Enjoy a varied program of excellent academic courses and intercultural exchange in an vibrant, interactive online community. The Online Summer School is offered entirely in English and will deal with historical, political, economic, and human rights dynamics of European Integration, and cover the current challenges Europe and the EU face today: Brexit, political fragmentation and radicalization, migration, the pandemic, the financial crises and more.

First, after a short introduction to intercultural communication and learning environments, online classes will introduce students to the EU as a political system, characterized by the separation of powers principle, with significant executive, legislative, and judicial powers. Sessions will cover how policies are made in this unique multi-layered system of governance and current political challenges will be discussed further. Then, students will be introduced to the history and trajectory of human rights in Europe and the crucial question of collective (national) identity and how it is shaped by current developments in Europe, at its borders and beyond. The final set of classes will then focus on the issue of regional economic integration, covering a wide range of topics: from general ones such as trade and trade restriction mechanisms and international business in Europe to the question of what kind of economic entity the European Union represents today and how it can tackle the 21st century economically.

The program is jointly organized by Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and Oregon State University (OSU) and conducted by four different teachers: Jan Battke and Cristina Popescu from Tübingen University and Dr. Allison Davis White-Eyes and Dr. Philipp Kneis, both from OSU.

We are looking forward to welcoming our students from all over the world to an unforgettable intercultural learning experience in July and August 2021 ... online!

Course leader

The program is jointly organized by Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen and Oregon State University (OSU).

Target group

The Online Summer School II is designed for undergraduate students of humanities, social sciences, economics and law who wish to gain a basic knowledge of Europe and the European Union, its history, how it deals with current challenges and which role human rights play in European politics.

Participants must be enrolled as students and and must have a very good command of English to be able to follow the academic courses and participate in discussions.

Number of places: 32 (2 time cohortes of each 16 students)

Course aim

By the end of this course you will have a basic understanding of the EU, it's history and its institutions, it's economy and it's culture. You will understand why and how it deals with current issues and which role human rights and the idea of 'global citizenship' play in Europe.

The Online Summer School will be based on online material that you can access at any time using Tübingen university’s MOODLE system, as well as on live online discussions including video conferences via ZOOM (about two hours each). The latter will take place at pre-set times, depending on the cohort / group a student is assigned to, based on the time zone they are in. Hence, by combining synchronous and asynchronous tools of teaching and learning you have the chance to gain valuable insights into new cultures and countries, share your perspectives with international classmates and learn more about Europe, the EU, and its economy.

Fee info

EUR 175: The program fee is € 175. Please note that no refund is possible.

The program fee includes all courses as well as the issue of a certificate and transcript. There will be no additional costs.